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Since that time, door openers, as well as garage doors, have undergone many refinements. Originally, garage doors were made up of solid wood and were exceptionally heavy and cumbersome to close or open. It wasn’t till much after that steel doors and fiberglass doors became commonplace. A variety of openers possess different horsepower ratings so as to manage the variety of doors in the marketplace today.

Gone are the days of the 1940s and 1950s when a house owner could open their door using the remote, in addition to the garage doors of multiple neighbors. Because of this and using scanner gear having the ability to detect the codes of sooner openers, enabling unscrupulous folks the capacity to program a remote and enter the home, manufacturers developed using rolling codes. The objective of the rolling code technology is to enhance the security and privacy of the home owner by avoiding scanners the capability to hi-jack the bolts, thus leaving occupants protected and the contents of the home safe from being stolen. Rolling codes are now universally found on every garage door opener.

Some of those mainstream features found with every opener are photoelectric detectors, or seeing eyes, pressure sensing technologies, and a trolley quick release handle. These features were created for the security of small children and preventing the door from crushing an item as it pertains. While an injury may still be possible, these modifications have greatly increased the safety of their automatic door surgery. For more good garage door openers see our list of top choices.

best garage door opener

The main features to be considered would be the kind of mechanical drive system that the door opener uses. The three main kinds are the known chain drive, screw drive and belt driven openers. If the speed of that the garage door opens is of major concern, only 1 type needs to be thought about. Screw drive openers normally supply the fastest opening of most garage doors. In addition to being the fastest at opening the door, the screw drive opener is one of the most maintenance free of all the openers.

The quietest of all of the garage door openers is your belt drive type. Despite appearing delicate and flimsy, the rubber belt is reinforced by steel for durability. Belt drive versions also provide virtually maintenance free operation, but often times are more expensive than their string driven counterparts.

If cost is the principal concern, then the series driven openers are the least expensive to buy. While chain driven models would be the least expensive and the most common to find through the majority of homes, the durable structure is a long proven method for opening a doorway. These specific units usually require more regular attention as the opener ages.

The second main feature to be examined is if the opener is able to accept remote keypads and function with a battery backup. A few openers on the market are not able to accept additional parts, but these models are often found at the base of the pricing scale. A high number of automatic door openers contain keypads and extra transmitters. A few openers include a backup battery that will permit the continuing automated operation I case of a power outage. Beginning in the high end of this mid-ranged cost point openers also allow the transmitter to run more than 1 garage door or door for convenience.

The most crucial characteristic of any garage door opener, however, is the horse power rating. Carriage gates or solid wood structure will determine what rating of opener to purchase. For maximum durability and superior lifting capabilities, a 3/4 horse power opener should be considered.

Once a garage door opener was chosen, it is recommended to have it professionally installed. While the normal home owner might be handy with a screwdriver and hammer, installing a garage door opener may be an whole day or weekend job of back and neck straining work. A professional installer will have the equipment and experience to make quick work of any joist or ceiling reinforcement needed and install the opener at the smallest quantity of time possible.

With all of the perks and benefits that have the Web – the effortless networking skill, the accessibility to real time information from each of the world, the social media phenomenon, the way we could plan an whole day without leaving our desks – with all of these wonderfully convenient and appealing aspects of the internet world, there’s still that dark cloud that seems forever to be hanging over the heads of web-users. The issue of online privacy – or more specifically, the lack thereof, seems to constantly be popping up in the evening news, in the office, also in millions of blogs all over the world.

online privacy

Do we care?

Many believe that the younger generation, or the digital natives, hold a blasé approach to online privacy, not worrying about what or who can get their home town, phone numbers, or overall demographical information. Yet interestingly, a recent poll found that it’s in fact that the 18-35 year olds which are more inclined to be tread the internet privacy waters more carefully than their older peers. It appears that even though the younger demographic might be more easygoing about submitting private information across their social networking pages, they are also more likely to use the privacy settings in place to specifically dictate just who can access those private details. Maybe this is because most are simply utilizing social networking to stay in contact with existing friends – and privacy preferences are accommodated so that no other people outside their ‘friend’ lists can access their information.Before you do any online activity make sure that your online privacy is not being compromised.

The Facebook fear factor

Viruses are making the rounds of Facebook webpages, posing as ‘humorous’ video hyperlinks that look to be posted in your own wall by your buddies, simply to infect your computer and slip your log in details if you click them. Facebook recently introduced new privacy settings to enable users to better control their internet privacy, simply to get a backlash of complaints that the new settings were overly complicated, with users perplexed and worried over how exactly their personal information was being used. Together with ‘privacy controls that are much simpler to use’ and ‘a simple way to turn off all third party providers’, ‘ Facebook are attempting to soothe their disgruntled users and put a stop to the privacy violation rumours. A huge issue that remains is that although the privacy settings are easier to use, they are not set as default – Put simply, until you actively seek out the privacy preferences and alter them your profile, information and photographs are also available to the general public. This implies that if we want be private, we will need to learn how to perform it.

Holding us back

Social networking sites have also come under fire of late because of a number of horrible abductions and other crimes that have resulted from users falling for disguises online. Chat rooms have been a worry for parents, providing anybody from anywhere in the world an outlet for immediate communication with under-age net users. Since e-commerce continues to boom, unfortunately, so also do the cases of identity theft, financial theft and fraud. In reality, many believe that the one thing holding back the e-commerce market is the lack of customer privacy protection on the internet.

Education Is Essential

Does all this mean that we should shut down our social media webpages and refuse to purchase online? Interestingly, governments often respond to public concerns over the risks of the online world by advising users to simply hide any information and any personal details, or simply not use certain websites. However perhaps it is more realistic and practical to advise Internet consumers to educate themselves on the privacy preferences of the sites they frequent and use, and to be responsible and accountable as they engage in sharing online. Users can do this without privacy fears if they take it upon themselves to be informed and to use the Internet responsibly. The online world has started up incredible opportunities in the way of communicating and worldwide sharing, and even though with most things, this comes with its dangers, we can use social networking sites and e-commerce without fear if we’re accountable, clued-up and Web savvy.

IQuantum has developed a proprietary evaluation process to internet benchmark client websites against the sites of market-leading competitors and contrary to best practice. We are marketers at the origins, so we are aware of the importance of laying-out strategy in a bang-for-buck manner, and so we always present the business case for or against any online initiative using a quantifiable justification.

After our investigation and plan workshop your internet benchmark is created and you’ll know just how far behind or ahead of the competition you are. With this information we can then work together with you to ascertain what to do on your market position and site strategies. Although we have experienced some useful tools designed to assist in the analysis procedure, iQuantum is not a web development company. We don’t employ programmers or designers. Our range is wider than that. We site between our customers and internet vendors and ensure the client gets value from their internet marketing investment.

The 302A sprint cam is a more moderen dash cam that could be a direct descendant of the DVR-027. The 302A has the equal date and time stamp as the DVR-027, menu gadgets are in comparable locations and the internal electronics are comparable. the principle improvement over the DVR-027 is 1080p x 30fps recording (DVR-027 does 720p). just like the DVR-027, the 302A dash cam is based totally on the Zoran processor (F302A has the ZR364246 processor vs the ZR36482 processor within the DVR-027).

The video pleasant for this digital camera is superb within the day and common at night time. in the beginning this digicam got here with a better fine convex lens. because the camera have become greater popular, the lens become changed to a cheaper flat lens. The image under indicates the antique lens at the left and the new lens on the right.

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sadly the picture exceptional of the original lens is higher than the more moderen lens. The old lens had a wider viewing angle (115 stages) compared to the new lens (95 levels). Many users have complained that once the digicam heats up, the video great turns into blurry, particularly with the new lens. not all cameras are afflicted but there is no way to inform if your digital camera will be afflicted by this trouble previous to buying. notice that there are reviews that the today’s cameras have a brand new lens that rectifies the blurring problem. This hasn’t been showed by many people although.

F302A models

There are numerous F302A models available under unique names. here is a partial listing.

  • F302A (maximum common name)
  • H302A
  • SP-65
  • xDevice BlackBox-18 (Russian model)
  • AutoExpert DVR-866 (Russian version)
  • Videosvidetel 3400 (Russian model)
  • JAGGA DVR HD 1800 (Russian model)
  • original vs faux fashions

There are a handful of fake F302A fashions for sale as properly. The image exceptional isn’t always excessive definition on these cameras. The number one manner to identify a faux camera is the shortage of an HDMI port. a few examples of fakes are underneath.


  • Sho-me HD05-liquid crystal display (Russian version)
  • xDevice BlackBox-17 (Russian version)
  • Recognised problems

Blurry photo nice

The primary hassle with this digicam is an excessive amount of warmness building up that reasons a blurry photograph pleasant. every now and then the entire display is blurry, different times it’s far just the proper or left aspect. The reason of this problem is because of a processor that produces a number of warmth and little ventilation to dissipate the warmth. Compounding the problem is the low budget lens (especially in newer models). The lens is negatively effected with the aid of the heat inflicting the blurry or out of consciousness photograph.

Vertical Band

some customers have complained approximately a vertical band all through night time recording. there’s no acknowledged approach to this problem but it isn’t that commonplace.

Interference may be caused by the 12-5v Converter furnished. buy some other converter – general 12-5V USB.

consciousness is bad when recording

The trouble is probable associated with a damaged lens. you can attempt to go back the goods to the seller and ask for a substitute.


caution! MAKING adjustments for your FIRMWARE ARE finished AT YOUR personal threat. WE aren’t responsible for ANY harm in your dash CAM because of those instructions.

Do now not try to flash sprint cams with incompatible firmware. for example, if you have a F302A sprint cam with out a running HDMI port, do now not use this firmware.

Decode Firmware range

The firmware range incorporates the discharge date of the firmware and model in the following layout YY MM DD N, where YY – yr, MM – month, DD – day, N – firmware version. for instance, if the firmware range is 1007060, it can be decoded.

Cricket is such a game that lovers are compelled to stop their everyday work just to be a part of the activity. The smashing performances from the history of cricket have made this game much more popular. It is clear you will have a unique interest for live cricket score, as it will be acquainting you with the hottest happenings on the field. Every time a game is going on, it gets really important for the cricket fans to know how their favorite player or team is performing. They would also like to catch on live cricket score for updated info on the match.

It’s because of the fact that you get to know more about the typical by which a group is scoring runs. Well, scoring functions with a good average is always a matter of consideration for those players. It’s fairly obvious that if they score runs at a faster rate, they are going to have high average, which will boost their position in the ICC ranks. Live cricket rating will enable the fans to keep themselves updated on current happenings at regular intervals. This is a significant piece of information which aids the lovers to feel they’re absolutely involved in the match. check our website:

Cricket is the conversation of the day and that too because of world cup 2007. The reason is that world cup comes after a gap of four years, which raises the excitement between lovers. Because this tournament has started from March 13th, 2007, live cricket score created by a number of teams have depicted the true story. Basically, live cricket score gives a profound insight into the state of an ongoing match. Who wouldn’t like to understand more about the boundaries being hit by most legendary players? Apart from that, there are a lot more aspects of this cricket that one gets to know from live cricket score.

From the world cup game between India and Bermuda, it was live cricket score that we all got to understand more about the world record being set by Indian group. Live cricket score in this specific match acquainted all of the cricket fans that India made a list by scoring highest ever total of cup which has been 413 runs in 50 overs. Additionally, importance of live cricket score lays in the fact that it exerts sudden stream of excitement and excitement. Whenever you find a game live, either on tv or directly in arena, then it seems that you are really supporting your idol participant.

Live cricket score is a vital part of the knowledge that is being obtained by cricket enthusiasts. It depends upon you to decide over the matter what medium will be more suitable for you. Some of you have access to new stations that keep on informing about live cricket score. On the flip side, others may have access to cricket sites which keep on updating the identical information. Whatever the medium you select, the main intent is to know the operation level of players and teams.

This is a file format which is used by the operating system in Android for its installation as well as the distribution of middleware and mobile apps. The documents are actually akin to the other bundles like APPX for Microsoft Windows or the Debn type of bundles within debian based type of OS such as Ubuntu. You may be interested in this: freedom apk xda

So as to come up with the APK file, one needs an Android program for Android to be compiled and then all parts packaged into a single file that contains the code of this program. This can be files such as .dex files. The APK file also has to have the attest, certificates, assets and resources files. The same as any types of file formats that you may be aware of, the APK files are allowed to have any type of name that is needed. The only thing which needs to remain constant is the end which should be .apk.

They are a type of archive file and located in the zip format packs which are based on JAR format .apk is the filename extension.


An individual can install the files in the apparatus which are Android powered just how we install software on the PC. When one downloads and installs a program on Android from official websites or other unofficial sites, they are in fact installing APK ion on the device.

It’s possible for a person to set up APK files directly in devices. This can be achieved without automatically downloading them in any network. You may use a desktop computer and utilize different communication programs.

You can even use a process that is referred to as loading. Usually, this ability to set up from websites which are not official or from the file manager or direct from a desktop computer comes disabled because of distinct security reasons in many of the Android apparatus that we have. You can allow this by simply altering the unidentified sources settings inside the menu.

freedom apk xda

Why install an APK document

Normally, APK files get leaked and this lets you have an easy access to a lot of new features that would not have been availed to you. There are also some apps that particular regions can actually restrict. Having the APK files enables one to be able to skip the numerous carriers in order to get the very latest updates on Google. This may take a lot of time to get there on the community. In the Android device you are using doesn’t have access to the play site, then installing the apps may require having the APK files and it might be the only alternative which you have.

When employing this method, you need to be careful not to wind up with apps that aren’t legally acquired. There are services that may allow the download of apps which are pirated. Do your research so as to avoid breaking legislation. Find a downloader that is well known for its efficiency.

Always make certain you use a site that you could genuinely trust since there are APK files that can have some malicious software.

It is crucial to choose a Google play ask downloader carefully so as to guarantee the safety of your system and gadget as well. You do not want to end up with a virus in your Android OS. Reviews and consumer comments might help. An internet apk download should always be done safely.

Android APK, also known as application bundle documents, are identified using the expansion “.apk”. In addition, this is the expansion of JAR. In case you’ve got a gadget that runs on Android platform, you’ll determine that there are already APK inside that means you could install and distribute programs made for Android platform.

It’s necessary that you know the fundamentals about these records. Actually the majority of the Android consumers aren’t completely conscious of the significance and consequence of all APK files. Although it’s a fact that sometimes you may live with not trivial much about APK documents, it might nevertheless be quite helpful to find out about it only in case you would need it later on if you wish to download more programs on your Android apparatus.

APK documents are already contained in the software that you get in your Android Market. Normally, your own Android apparatus will automatically set up the APK. But if the program which you have isn’t out of the Android Market, then you want to be certain you install it manually on your apparatus. This measure is required so that your programs will run efficiently with no hitch.

How are APK documents installed?

Normally, APK documents are set up automatically particularly if the programs are out of the Android sector. Otherwise, you only have to copy or save the document on your own Android gadget’s memory card. As soon as you’ve completed installing, you need to ensure you manually update the file by imitating the newest file and replicate to the Android device’s memory. So here is the great: freedom apk uptodown

freedom apk uptodown

Where could free APK documents be found?

You are able to use an extremely reliable search engine like Google so you can seek out free documents of games, programs, and widgets for most of your gadgets which operate on Android platform. Obviously, you may even try the Android Market, along with other sites which focus on promoting Android based programs. Always keep in mind that there are particular rules and regulations which govern programs before acceptance and launch on the marketplace. There are particular standards and requirements that programmers will need to meet. Be aware that third party programs may still request manual setup of APK documents.

Mike loves writing about cellular phones and programs, this report investigates the world of APK records and how to search at no cost ones. Brought to you by the market Cell Phone price comparison site

tips for portray a industrial steel Facility


here are the fundamental equipment needed: steel paint, sprayer, roller or paint brush, primers, putty, metallic wool and a wire brush.


For the great outcome, these fundamental steps want to be accompanied through expert metallic structural painters:


  1. put together the floor to be painted
  2. Use a one to a few ratio of bleach and water to put together the mixture

three. Painters use a wire brush to move over the floor with interest to affected areas

  1. cleaning soap and water is implemented to do a very last cleaning
  2. professional painters perform the very last cleaning correctly by using the usage of a energy washing machine
  3. follow primer is the following step inside the technique
  4. To create a clean base, at the best sprayer for walls least two coats must be completed

eight. Primers can be implemented with gear which include brushes or rollers

nine. whilst the primer is dry, the floor is ready to be painted

  1. Use acrylic paint on metallic surfaces as they offer higher consequences and final longer


when starting a large metal shape painting venture, it could seem that portray a steel constructing is a enormous project. essentially, that is due to the fact the homes can be constructed in a shape or size this is unconventional or the building is very large. constructing owners might imagine that the task is almost impossible or overwhelming however with adequate planning, and professional painters at the task, a steel building is straightforward to color and the effects closing longer whilst the right techniques are used.

As a property owner there’s nothing more thrilling than the concept of painting your property yourself. A clean coat of paint makes the whole lot look so much better proper? you may pick out colorings for the interior or the out of doors and simply get to work! maybe you’ll even use a paint sprayer due to the fact they look like they get the activity finished fast!

Most cats will conform into the litter tray you have provided them with; however, there’ll be some cats that are extremely sensitive to the feel and odor as well as the arrangement of this tray! If that is so, it’ll be your responsibility to try out a few choices until you find what your cat is happy with. Have a look on: best cat litter boxes for apartments

best cat litter boxes for apartments

Currently, on the current market, there’s a variety of litter box covers available which will help decrease the smell of ammonia, although you have to train your cat to grow accustomed to the small area with plump ammonia odors. You would need to take note if a cat is claustrophobic and dislikes dark, enclosed spaces. However, there are cats that would favor covered litter boxes.

If you find the area around the litter boxes unsightly, there are special litter boxes available. Some businesses have made a version of this covered litter box by designing a range of litter trays which would blend in with most of the furnishings in your house and retains the litter tray from sight. Designed to resemble tiny cabinets with features like double paned doors and side entrance, the layout prevents your kitty kicking the cat litter about all over the floor.

You can contemplate the Littermaid cat litter box as well as the Litter-Robot. These are just two examples of this self cleaning cat litter box that use sensors to determine the quantity of waste and remove the waste with either a rake or by rotational movement. Self cleaning litter boxes assert to cut costs in the long run as just soiled litter is removed. They also lessen the annoyance of needing to use a cat litter scoop to get rid of waste matter.

Pine cat litter is a great alternative to a lot of clay and granule brands in the marketplace cause it’s more economical, has no dust related problems and is totally biodegradable – you may also recycle pine cat litter as compost in your backyard after eliminating waste solids. Pine cat litter offers nitrogen for your crops, an essential nutrient for healthy plants. Tidy Cat is a clay-based product that the producers claim is ideal for the smaller family as it cuts down on the ammonia odor with its own antiseptic properties.

Whatever litter tray system you use, cat litter pans need to be spacious enough to hold your cat and have a fantastic solid 3″ of litter. Normal cleaning is necessary and a good rinse down with boiling water after the first cleaning is recommended so as to not subject your cat to the powerful smell of disinfectants.

Ultimately, whatever brands that you may eventually choose, keep in mind that the very best cat litter is one that is suitable for your cat and your environment. Your cat might prefer high-quality clumping clay or backyard earth, or perhaps the new mountain odor of pine – if your cat is happy with it and it doesn’t cause him any allergies problems then that’s exactly what you need to go for.

Kids these days are growing up faster than ever. Cell phones are amongst the most popular accessories of kids as young as ten. But currently, cell phones aren’t the accessory that’s stressing out more and more parents, while tattoos are. Tattoos are being found on more and more teens. Why the obsession with tattoos at such a young age? From Mattel’s, Totally Stylin’ Tattoo Barbie, which may influence children as young as 5, to the newest temporary tattoos, to the most popular celebrity teens flaunting their new ink to our young generation, tattoos are seen everywhere and amongst all age groups of children. One state even started a new law as recent as July 1, 2010 because of the number of teens going to tattoo parlors to be inked.

In 2009, Mattel launched a new Totally Stylin’ Tattoo Barbie. The doll came with temporary tattoos for both the doll and child. It also included a tattoo gun in which the tattoos were to be applied. Many parents were outraged, but others saw the new doll as a sign of the times. Mattel kept the Barbie on the shelf due to the number of sales. Mattel believes the Tattoo Barbie gives young girls a chance to express them selves. Many parents like the idea of their children expressing themselves, but believe it can be in a different form than tattoos, especially the heart tattoo bearing Ken’s name. Tattoos of significant others is the most regretted tattoo later in life. The argument continues on whether these dolls influence children on getting tattoos.

Another large influence on teens and tattoos is the amount of teen celebrities donning their ink. Just last year, at the Teen Choice Awards, which as the name implies, has an audience of mostly 11-17 year olds, a tattoo designs | Jonas Brother, a heartthrob amongst young girls, was tattooed on stage by none other than celebrity tattoo artist, Kat Von D. It wasn’t revealed to the viewers at the show or at home that the tattoo was not real. Many parents were again outraged.

While the Jonas Brother tattoo was not real, many teen celebrities do have real tattoos. But not only do they have tattoos, they love to show them off. Of course, the media loves to show and point out celebrity tattoos as well. Justin Bieber, only 16 years old, already has his first tattoo. His family was fully supportive of him getting a tattoo at such a young age. They actually went on to explain the bird tattoo that Justin got was a family tradition. The other family members with the bird tattoo had them inked on their wrists while Justin opted for the lower side of his stomach. Miley Cyrus, 17 years old, already has at least two tattoos. Miley’s family was also completely supportive of her decision to be tattooed before she turned eighteen. Miley was actually with her father who was getting a tattoo when she decided to have “love” tattooed on her ear.

The tattooing of teens is such a large issue that some states have decided to ban tattooing minors under any circumstances. Many states let teens get tattooed with parental consent. However, in Minnesota, starting July 1, 2010, teens will no longer be able to get a tattoo even with parent permission. Minnesota believes that this new law will prevent those teens that feel the need to express them selves through a tattoo without thinking of the later consequences in life that tattoo might bear. Minnesota does not dislike tattoos but the state does believe that a person should be an adult when making the decision to get a tattoo.

Many of the girls are looking to bring the beloved(جلب الحبيب) and the good husband to be a support for them in this world. Some of the supplications and verses mentioned in the Holy Qur’an are mentioned in the Quran, which they said are related to facilitating the wishes of the human being in his life, but it must be read with a heart that is humbled and believable. Some of these supplications or verses are precious.

Prophets bring beloved Oh Allah, bless Muhammad, and all the good and righteous Muhammad, the honorable ones, and their calf, O Karim. Oh Lord of the right and the Koran, the wise, and the right of Taha and the Great Koran, O who can meet the needs of the liquid, who knows what is in the conscience, O profiteers of the oppressed, O freed of the oppressed, O mercy of the Grand Sheikh, O Rzik small child, "O Lord, the Lord of the Great Light, the Lord of the High Holy One, the Lord of the High Holy Spirit, the Lord of the Sea, the Sanctuary, and the House of the Torah" (interpretation of the meaning): And the Lord of the shadow and the heat, and the house of the Great Quran, and the Lord of the Angels N and the prophets and messengers.

treat magic

O living, O Qayyum, I ask you by your name, which the heavens and the earth have shone in you, and in Your name, where the first and the last shall be repaired, O living before every living thing, and living after every living thing, O protector of the dead and dead neighborhoods, O neighborhood no god but you. The verses bring beloved Read the following verse (peace from the Lord of the Merciful) (Yassin 58); this verse must be repeated seventy times, then mentioned the need required, faithfully and faithfully in it. And the effect: (Write Sura Yassin and drink it and drink water with honey heal from the scourge and pain). The best time to read this verse is the middle of the night, and it is desirable to recite the next prayer before reading it: "O Most Merciful, (Surat Al-Duha) Twenty times, and then reciting the following du’aa ‘: "O Allaah, give love to someone and love to someone in the heart of so-so-so-so, so that there is no rest for her, no food for her, no sleep for her, no presence of her except came or came to me in all places and times, (Surat al-Sharh) In the name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful: "Did not we explain to you your chest (O Majid), and put us away from you (O Majid) (O Majeed), with hardship is easy (O facilitator pleased Amauri) If it is finished Vnsb (O Majid) and to your Lord is willing (he said I loved the love of good O God spend my needs).

Reading the following verses of Surah Taha: (I was thrown to you love of me and to be done in my eyes, as your sister walks and say, do I advise you on the one who guarantees it, and we will return you to your mother so that her eyes will be recognized and you will not grieve and kill your soul. (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "If you love God, follow me, God will love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." (If you intend to trust Allaah, Allah loves those who trust). Do not count them with a sense of torment and a painful punishment. " Reading the following verse of Surat Yusuf: (Her passion has loved us to see her in clear astray). Read the following verse of Surat al-Baqarah: (They love them as the love of God and those who believe more love to God, even if they see those who wronged when they see the punishment that the power to God all and that God is severe tormen