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Within the study of languages and languages, one of the most recurring issues that contemporary man asks is that of human communication, and therefore the analysis of language. One of the leading experts in this area, Professor r. Jacobson, according to their studies development one of the most recognized theories on the matter.

Is the language the only means of communication?

Edward Sapir, great linguist of the 20th century, already described as the most important communication and more dynamic aspect of humanity. There is a society without a net, woven in the extreme, total or partial understandings between the members of organized units of any complexity or size.

In accordance with the judgment of this renowned linguist, precise language, which is the most explicit mode of communicative behavior, would be the process of communication par excellence in every known society. It is therefore very important to contemplate that, either that is the limitation of a primitive society seen from the advantageous perspective of civilization, its language is so full, accurate or potentially creator of referential symbolism as the most sophisticated of the languages that are known.

The language, therefore, is the primary means of communication, although it is obviously not the only one. The language of signs, repeatedly raised and enunciated by linguists and philosophers, called semiology (or semiotics), increasingly is more present today. This science investigates the features that are common to all systems of signs, the specific characteristics of each and their interrelation.

It is natural, that the main themes of the semiology are language, influence on other systems of signs and their structure. But it would be a big mistake, ignore or underestimate the other human sign systems and give them properties that are unique to the language.

Since language is the main instrument of communication, should bear in mind that its main function, interpersonal communication, complemented with other hand, intrapersonal communication. This latter type of communication develops gradually during the learning of a language and originates various mental processes that are as fundamental as the internal language.manual translation services

In front of interpersonal communication, that frees space, intrapersonal communication is proclaimed as the basic most important means to save time. At this point, it is fair remember the claim of another great linguist, Émile Benveniste that once said:

“If we are of the opinion that there was no possibility of humanity or society without the existence of the language, this is due to the particular language; basically it is, meaning”.